On 7th and 8th May the NYSCC Suppliers' Day 2019 took place in Manhattan, NYC

Dortmund, 15.05.2019: We spent two successful days sharing the booth with our US distribution partner Mibelle Biochemistry. One of this year’s highlight topics for our visitors was the microbiome support of Ectoin® natural and it’s anti-pollution benefits. Thank you all for visiting, for the exchange of ideas and our interesting discussions. See you again in October at in-cosmetics North America. „Auf Wiedersehen“!

bitop looks back on a successful PCHi 2019 in Guangzhou

Dortmund, 07.03.2019: We had again a great time exhibiting at the PCHi in Guangzhou, China meeting with our customers and discussing all the exciting opportunities within the Cosmetic Industry. It was a busy and successful exhibiton with many visitors and as always we enjoyed the warm hospitality of our Chinese distribution partner Toonechem.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again in April at the in-cosmetics global in Paris. Meet us in Paris at stand N12.

bitop Ectoin® Lozenges improve sore throat symptoms by almost 80 %

Dortmund, February 2019: A recently published study proved that bitop Ectoin® Lozenges effectively reduce symptoms of acute viral pharyngitis (sore throat) by 79.5 % after only one week of treatment. With this result, they show significant superiority compared to Hyaluronic acid lozenges (GeloRevoice®) in reducing redness of the mucosa in mouth and throat.

Moreover, the general condition of nearly 70 % of the patients using bitop Ectoin® Lozenges was rated as “very good” by the physician. In comparison, only 48 % of the patients using GeloRevoice® and only one fifth of the salt water group reached a “very good” condition.

The tolerability of bitop Ectoin® Lozenges is significantly superior compared to HA-containing lozenges (physician’s assessment). All patients treated with bitop Ectoin® Lozenges were highly satisfied with the pleasant wild berry taste. In contrast, 40 % of patients treated with HA-containing lozenges and 45 % of the patients treated with salt water rated the taste of their product as unpleasant.

Here you can download the research paper and the study factsheet.

Interested in a license for bitop Ectoin® Lozenges? Contact us:

bitop announces new CEO

Dortmund, 22.01.2019. With the beginning of 2019 bitop starts into a new year full of technological innovations and developments. This comes along with the appointment of its new CEO - Michael Braig, who started in January 2019 and brought a breath of fresh air combined with a strong track-record in sales, marketing and business development to the well-established company. Before joining bitop, Michael Braig was leading the Consumer Care Business of Galderma (Nestlé Skin Health) for 3 years. Prior to Galderma, he spent almost 5 years with Reckitt Benckiser, where he was responsible for the Health Care Business in Germany.

New manufacturing plant ensures more sustainable production

Opening event in celebration of the anniversary

Dortmund, 07.09.2018. Just in time for its 25th anniversary, bitop AG is opening a new chapter: The manufacturer of natural protection molecules for skin and mucosa is expanding at its new location in Dortmund. At the opening event, bitop was welcoming around 200 guests from Germany and abroad. The products of bitop are part of many well-known cosmetics and medical devices. The substances obtained from special bacteria - so-called Extremolytes - are successfully marketed worldwide. They are used inter alia for the treatment of allergies, skin and respiratory diseases. The cosmetics industry uses bitop's products, for example, in the areas of anti-aging, skin soothing and pollution protection.

"With the move from Witten to the biotechnology location in Dortmund, we are also becoming visible to the outside world as a highly specialized, global biotech company," explains Claus Kjærsgaard, who has been the new CEO of bitop AG since June 2018. "Our newly built high-tech company building provides much-needed space for growth and also laboratories for young start-ups, as we ourselves once were. Most importantly, after the completion of the ongoing approval process, we will soon be building our new production facility, which will enable us to produce more sustainably, more effectively, and at lower cost. "

From its new location, bitop wants to open up new markets and thus further expand its position as world market leader in the segment of natural extremolytes. "With our medical devices, we are currently represented in around 50 countries, our active cosmetic ingredients are available worldwide" says the new CEO. "Above all, markets in Asia will be the focus of our interest in the coming years". The new process will also give new applications for bitop's products. A personnel expansion of currently over 50 to about 70 employees is planned in the next step.

"With the help of special nanofiltration technology, we will be able to gain our highly effective extremolytes more effective, cheaper and, above all, far more sustainable in the future.“ explains Andreas Bilstein. The scientific director of bitop AG has been taking care of the technical needs of the company, which was founded 25 years ago as a spin-off of the University of Witten-Herdecke.

"With the new process one can forego many stages of the previous production process. This saves us considerable amounts of chemicals, energy, water and activated carbon and thus protects the environment, "says Bilstein, summing up the main advantages of the new process.

bitop will invest around EUR 5.5 million in the new production facility, which will be installed in the newly constructed high-tech building following completion of the ongoing approval process. The start of production is expected in the second quarter of 2019.

"The new process will also enable new applications of our extremolytes - especially in the cosmetics industry," predicts Bilstein. Details will be evaluated in the coming months.

The 25th company anniversary was celebrated on September 5th for a whole day with a total of 200 invited guests from the cosmetics, pharma and animal health and care industry. During an in-house exhibition, the guests had the chance to peek behind the scenes of bitop and get in touch with all employees and departments. In the afternoon, bitop has presented three scientific and business-related lectures in all the topic areas which interest the industry. The keynote speech was given by Prof. Dr. Jean Krutmann, who spoke about the clinical efficacy of Ectoin® for dermatological and anti-pollution applications. The scientific program was followed by a cocktail reception.

Here you can download the press release .

Ectoin® Mouth Wash launch in Hungary

Dortmund, 06.08.2018: bitops partner in Hungary, Phytotec Hungária, has recently launched the Ectoin® Mouth Wash under its brand Endoral®. This is the first commercial launch of the highly effective solution against Stomatitis and Mucositis. The product has been tested in human and performed extraordinarily well. It is not only suitable for the treatment of dry mucosa in healthy patients but also very effective for the prevention and treatment of chemotherapy-induced mucositis. Phytotec positions the product for the treatment of dry mouth and stomatitis. These diseases can have several causes. The most common ones are diabetes, aging and autoimmune diseases like the Sjörgen-syndrome.


Ectoin® Mouth wash is supported by the following, clinically proven claims:

  • Supports reduction of inflammations of oral mucous membranes (oral mucositis or stomatitis)
  • Helps to reduce the incidence of inflamed oral mucosa
  • Alleviates and prevents symptoms such as sore mouth and redness and burning of the oral mucosa
  • Helps to relieve pain in the mouth and therefore eases eating, drinking, and talking
  • Supports the regeneration process of damaged oral mucosa
  • Moistens dry mouth and prevents dehydration
  • Cleans the mouth
  • Effects based on 100% natural ingredients

Here you can download the research paper and the study factsheet.

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New study in Oncology Supportive Care published:
Patients prefer Ectoin® Mouth Wash over standard treatment (Caphosol®)

Dortmund/ Hungary, 07.06.2018: bitop is proud to announce that another successful observational study has been conducted with one of its Ectoin®-containing products. The recently published study compared Ectoin® Mouth Wash with the standard-of-care calcium phosphate mouthwash Caphosol® for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis. 80 % of patients using Ectoin® Mouth Wash were entirely symptom-free after 3 weeks of treatment, compared to only 43 % in the Caphosol® group. Moreover, Patients preferred Ectoin® Mouth Wash over calcium phosphate mouthwash. The study shows that Ectoin® Mouth Wash is tolerable and effective for the treatment of mucositis.

Dr. Zoltán Baráth, Pulmologist at National Korányi Institute of TBC and Pulmology in Budapest worked on the study and states:
“We are very proud that we can now offer cancer patients an innovative and effective treatment for oral mucositis whose efficacy proved to go even beyond the efficacy of the well-known standard treatment Caphosol®. Taken preventively, we might even protect patients against this painful condition. We are sure that, with Ectoin® Mouth Wash, we can make life more worth living for cancer patients.”

Here you can download the research paper and the study factsheet.

If you are interested in in-licensing one of bitop's products, please contact us:

Bayer launched Allergy Eye Drops with Ectoin®

Dortmund/ Canada, 30.05.2018: Since march, also Canadians can benefit from the soothing effects of Ectoin® in the case of allergic eye irritation. Bayer Canada launched hydraSense® Drops - Allergy Therapy. The innovative formulation with Ectoin® and hyaluronic acid lubricates, hydrates and protects the eyes. The clinically proven, naturally-sourced ingredient Ectoin® helps to relieve itchy, watery eyes and burning sensation due to allergies. Like all Ectoin® containing eye drops, the product is preservative-free and can be used with contact lenses.

bitop’s Ectoin® Allergy Eye Drops have been clinically proven to show significant reduction of local symptoms during allergic conjunctivitis. They have been tested against standard OTC drugs and placebo and show comparable efficacy as Azelastine and Ketotifen-containing eye drops. The excellent tolerability in children and adults completes the superiority of Ectoin®. Click here to read more about bitop’s Ectoin® Allergy products.

If you are interested in in-licensing one of bitop's products, please contact us:

bitop will present its latest innovations at the Vitafoods 2018 in Geneva

Dortmund, 03.05.2018: The original manufacturer of Ectoin® and Glycoin® natural will present its brand-new innovations on the Vitafoods 2018. Visit the bitop booth T-142 to get an exclusive sneak peek into the product developments and innovation pipeline. This year, Pulmonology, Ophthalmology and Animal Health are in the focus.

The SoftBreezer® combines the power of bitops Ectoin® Inhalation Solution with the device know-how of Ursatec. The portable inhaler will be released soon with a randomized clinical trial studying air pollution-induced lung disease.

The Ophthalmology line will be upgraded by the Ectoin® Eye Spray on the basis of colloids. This worldwide innovation uses colloids as a carrier system for the substance Ectoin®. A clinical trial is currently running to prove the superiority of Ectoin® Eye Spray over the German market leader.

bitop is pleased to present its Animal Health and Care portfolio that consists of two new product lines: Ectoin® pet and Ectoin® equi. The ranges have been specifically developed for man´s best friends: dogs, cats, small pets as well as horses, ponies and donkeys. All products are developed in Germany and manufactured in accordance with highest quality standards, following ISO13485.

Interested parties will get the chance to inform themselves about those pioneer products and the opportunity to get the distribution license in every country worldwide. Contact us to arrange a meeting or just come by our booth.

New USA Patent in force for the use of Glycoin® natural

Dortmund, 07.03.2018: The protection of its intellectual

property is one of the main factors for the success of bitop’s Extremolytes

“Made in Germany”. Therefore, the company is proud to announce that the United

States of America granted another patent. Years of research have gone into the

“Use of Glucosylglycerol” which is now protected in the USA. Glucosylglycerol

is the chemical name for our one-of-a-kind Extremolyte Glycoin

® natural.

It can be found in the resurrection plant

Myrothamnus flabellifolia in the

desert of South Africa. The Extremolyte protects this unique plant during drought

periods from death through dehydration. This protective characteristic can be

transferred to human skin where the multifunctional anti-aging and

cell-boosting active ingredient targets tired, stressed or mature skin. The

natural stress protection molecule revitalizes, stimulates and improves slowed

or impaired cell functions to re-activate the power and appearance of youthful


Abstract from the patent:

The invention relates to the use of glucosylglycerol or its esters with a view to increasing the expression of cell protective enzymes for the protection and stabilization of human skin and/or mucous membranes. It has been demonstrated that glucosylglycerol plays an effective role in the stimulation and activation of cell protective enzymes. It is thus possible in this manner to protect human skin cells effectively against damaging external influences.

If you are interested in our white label cosmetics with Glycoin® natural, or in purchasing our Extremolytes as raw material for your own cosmetic products, please contact the business development team:

bitop has moved to brand-new office building and production facility

Dortmund, 21.02.2018 : Hello Dortmund! Goodbye Witten. We have arrived in our new office building and production facility located at the “PHOENIX West” area - an innovative technology and service location in Dortmund.

With a 1.520 m² state-of-the-art production hall and 1.250 m² office and laboratory space, bitop will be able to significantly expand its production capacity for Ectoin® and other extremolytes.

From now on, our office address is:

bitop AG
Carlo-Schmid-Allee 5
44263 Dortmund, Germany
Phone: +49 231 98 77 44 0

Please note that the old company address is still active and valid for R&D and manufacturing:
Stockumer Straße 28, 58453 Witten/Germany

bitop AG receives EFRE.NRW funding for investment in efficient production technology

Witten, 23.11.2017 - In the course of the move to its new company site, bitop builds a brand-new plant for the biotechnological production of high-quality protective substances. These extremolytes (e.g. Ectoin®) are manufactured for the use in medical devices, cosmetics and animal health products. A major focus in the development of the plant laid in the search for alternative production technologies and the improvement of its efficiency regarding resources and energy consumption.

“We are proud and feel honored to receive the funding. Ever since our founding, bitop stands for innovation and well-being. We aim to follow these values in every aspect of our business and are glad to do our part to protect the environment” states Daniel J. Berger, CEO.

A substantial efficiency-improvement has been reached along the complete production process from the concentration and purification to the raw product. The introduction of up-to-date membrane processes enables bitop to significantly reduce purification wastage, use of auxiliary materials and energy consumption. A closed process management protects operators from emission and makes air exchanges during the production redundant. Partner of bitop in the development, planning and realization of the plant is the OSMO Membrane Systems GmbH, a specialist for innovative solutions in the field of various filtration and reverse osmosis processes in the chemical industry.

The investment in innovative, resource- and energy-efficient production technology is substantially supported by grants from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia using funds from the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) 2014 - 2020. The funding was granted by the State Office for Nature Environment and Consumer Protection North Rhine-Westphalia (LANUV). The decision to award funding by the LANUV was made in a competitive procedure; the submitted projects were assessed and selected by a panel of experts. In the systematic evaluation of potential for the improvement of resource and energy efficiency, bitop AG received valuable support from the Effizienz Agentur NRW - the competence center for resource efficiency in NRW.

Extremolyte – Seminar: successful 2nd edition in Taiwan.

Witten, 09.11.2017 - In cooperation with our Taiwanese distribution partner DKSH we hosted our second edition of Extremolytes – Seminar 2017 for our customers in Kaohsiung (6.11.17) and Taipei (7.11.17). bitop presented new study data about anti-pollution and blue light protection with our multifunctional “wow-active” Ectoin® and demonstrated the power of revitalization with energizing Glycoin® natural for mature and tired skin.

Thank you Taiwan for your hospitality and interest in our products.

We are looking forward to coming back in 2018!

Second edition of bitop`s technical customer workshop “Extremolyte's secret” in Taiwan

Witten, 25.10.2017 - In June 2017, we hosted our first customer workshop in Taipei, Taiwan in cooperation with our Taiwanese distribution partner DKSH. Due to the big success, bitop and DKSH organized two other events on November 6th and 7th in Taipei and Kaohsiung. The participants will have the chance to explore the world of extremolytes and get a deeper insight in our cosmetic active ingredients Ectoin® and Glycoin® natural.

We will present and discuss the mode of action, efficacy data, applications as well as the hot market and consumer trends “anti-pollution” and “blue light protection”. bitop will share the latest scientific findings – it will be exciting!

We are looking forward to these special events.

bitop broadens its eye care portfolio with a new Ectoin® ophthalmology range

Witten, 04.10.2017 - Besides its well-established Ectoin®-containing eye drops, bitop currently broadens its ophthalmology product range with different additional Ectoin®- and Glycoin® natural containing products. These new product developments are designed to prevent or treat ophthalmological diseases such as dry eye syndrome, allergic conjunctivitis, eczema and blepharitis and will fulfill various customer preferences with regards to application forms.

The range extension contains four innovative Ectoin® formulations for the eye:

  • Ectoin® Eye Serum for treatment of blepharitis
  • Ectoin® Lid Wipes for treatment of dry, irritated and inflamed eye-lids
  • Ectoin® Eye Spray for treatment of dry, tired, irritated and inflamed eyes
  • Ectoin® Eye Gel for treatment of dry, tired, irritated and inflamed eyes

Ectoin® based products have already proven their efficacy and excellent tolerability for application in the eye in several clinical studies and in different markets. The new products will line-up in bitop’s established Ectoin® eye product portfolio which consists of eye drops in ampoules or multi-dose units for dry or allergic eyes. Ectoin® containing products are suitable for very sensitive patients and children and do not contain preservatives, where applicable.

Contact our business development team to get to know more about the products and to discuss your license opportunities for our ophthalmology range:

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