Revitalizing anti-aging power

Glycoin® natural is a multifunctional anti-aging and cell-boosting active ingredient targeting tired, stressed or mature skin. The natural stress protection molecule revitalizes, stimulates, and improves slowed or impaired cell functions to re-activate the power and appearance of youthful skin.

Proven efficacy

  • Revitalizing of aged skin cells
  • Stimulation of sluggish cell vitality and metabolism
  • Increase of SOD1 and ATP synthesis in aged skin cells
  • Stimulation of procollagen I in aged skin cells
  • Stimulation of growth factors FGF7 and TGF-beta 1
  • Improvement in skin smoothness (in vivo)
  • Increase in skin elasticity (in vivo)
  • Increase in skin thickness (in vivo)
  • Reduction of sunburn and skin redness (in vivo)
  • Boost of tissue repair and cell renewal (ex vivo)


Claim ideas

  • Natural cell-energizer
  • Boosts cell renewal and cell functions of aged cell
  • Re-activates the power of youth in aged cells
  • Stimulates growth factors, ATP, and procollagen production
  • Increases skin thickness, firmness, and elasticity
  • Stimulates the anti-oxidative power in aged skin cells
  • 8h/all-day hydration after a single application
  • Lifts, tightens and smoothes the skin
  • Reduces sunburn and skin-redness
  • Promotes tissue repair


Product description

INCI (EU/PCPC) declaration: Glyceryl Glucoside
Level of use: 0.5 –2%
Description: 100% natural sugar derivate
Appearance: Transparent, mainly colorless liquid
Solubility: Water soluble
Stability: pH 3 -11, light and oxygen stable, ≤ 80°C (higher temperatures up to 90°C possible for < 30min)
Certificates: EcoCert, Cosmos, Natrue, Halal, Vegan
Data available: in vitro, in vivo, clinical


Glycoin® natural is the protective and re-activating substance of the resurrection plant Myrothamnus flabellifolia, which can be found in the deserts of southern Africa. Resurrection plants have the unique and fascinating ability to survive for long periods without a single drop of water. During this time, the resurrection plant totally desiccates. Then the leaves of the plant shrink, appearing withered and dead. But appearances are deceptive; every time, as soon as the rains start, the plant comes back to life. It miraculously re-greens within a few hours. After the rains stop, the Myrothamnus plant dries out again, waiting for the next wonder of resurrection. The stress-protection molecule Glycoin® natural enables this fascinating existence and survival strategy of the resurrection plant Myrothamnus flabellifolia. During total desiccation, Glycoin® natural protects the plant´s structure from damage. When the rains come, Glycoin® natural acts as an energy-booster and activates the plant´s re-greening.

Myrothamnus during dry season (left) and after rain (right).

Glycoin® natural is also found in salt tolerant blue-green algae, so called cyanobacteria, like the spiral shaped micro algae Spirulina. Like the desert resurrection plant, blue-green algae use Glycoin® natural as a stress-protection molecule to adapt to the osmotic stress of their habitat.

Spirulina under the microscope.


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