Business Model

“Proprietary OTC products with scientifically proven efficacy” describes our Health and Wellbeing products best. We believe that they need to be sold under strong brands which take local market demands into account. Therefore we are offering our Health and Wellbeing as well as Animal Health and Care products for licensing to be sold under the brands of our customers.
The Cosmetic and Personal Care industry has a high demand for effective and proven active ingredients. Our extremolytes meet these criteria and give creams, foams, and other cosmetic formulations outstanding claims.
As protective agents, extremolytes shield proteins, nucleic acids, and cells against a variety of stress factors. Extremolyte are well suited for the stabilization of biologically active substances in Life Science applications.

Licensable OTC products are widely available in these days. But very often these products are neither unique, patent protected nor do they have scientifically proven claims.

bitop's natural Ectoin®-containing Health and Wellbeing products fill this gap

  • they possess scientifically proven claims
  • their application is patent protected in the most important global markets
  • their effect is based on 100% natural ingredients
  • they contain Ectoin® “Made in Germany” as a medical ingredient

and they give you the unique opportunity to enhance your own product portfolio and increase your sales.

Not only are our Health and Wellbeing products backed-up by scientific data, our cosmetic active ingredients have been extensively researched by scientists with proven efficacy.

The skin care industry strives for the manufacturing of safe products with substantiated claims. Therefore, we have put emphasis on extensive pre-clinical and clinical testing of our ingredients Ectoin® and Glycoin® natural. With bitop’s cosmetic active ingredients you are able to offer products with claims that truly deliver what they promise.


bitop is an internationally operating company that focuses on the development and distribution of proprietary over-the-counter (OTC) products based on Ectoin®, as well as on the supply of Ectoin® and Glycoin® natural as effective cosmetic active ingredients to global cosmetic manufacturers and brands. An additional application field for bitop’s unique extremolytes are its use as biostabilizers.

From extremophilic microorganisms to ready-to-sell medical
products – bitop, a German company, brought Ectoin®, one of the most common extremolytes in nature, successfully to the market for use in humans and animals.

bitop was founded in 1993 as a spin-off from the Faculty of Bioscience at the Private University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany) with the objective of the “biotechnological optimization (“bitop”) of fermentation processes”. Focusing on the manufacturing of Ectoin® in the 1990s, we are today the sole worldwide manufacturer of Ectoin® on an industrial scale. In addition, we have production capacities for another unique extremolyte: Glycoin® natural. The production of Ectoin® and Glycoin® natural is subject to a certified quality management system according to ISO 13485.

We are proud to be the global Ectoin® expert. For more than 15 years, we have done extensive research and validated Ectoin® as a naturally-derived ingredient for Health and Wellbeing products. Building on this expertise and knowledge, a unique portfolio of more than 20 products with scientifically proven efficacy has been developed.

The portfolio comprises proprietary OTC products which treat and alleviate symptoms of inflammatory skin diseases, cough and cold, allergies, lung diseases, and dry epithelia. Products for oncology supportive care and animal health were recently added. Products that treat and prevent skin alterations caused by pollutants, such as fine dust, are currently under development.

Since 2001, Ectoin® has been valued and recognized as an efficient, safe and high-quality cosmetic active ingredient for anti-aging and sun protection formulations. With Glycoin® natural we offer another innovative cosmetic actives of the same quality. Ectoin® and Glycoin® natural for cosmetic use are available worldwide through bitop’s distributors or directly at our German plant.

Management – Executive Board

Michael Braig

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Braig is a graduate in business administration with a strong track-record in sales, marketing and business development. Due to his extensive and long-term professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he is also familiar with other relevant topics along the whole value-chain, such as operations and launch-management.

Before joining bitop, he was leading the Consumer Care Business in the DACH region, within the Management Team of Galderma (Nestlé Skin Health) from 2015 until 2018. Prior to Galderma, he spent almost 5 years with Reckitt Benckiser, where he was responsible for the Health Care Business in Germany. He served as well in different positions at Weleda AG, Dr. Wieselhuber & Partner, as well as ratiopharm group (Teva).

Michael Braig has been appointed CEO of bitop AG since January 2019.

Dr. Andreas Bilstein

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Andreas Bilstein studied Biology at the University of Cologne and subsequently completed his doctorate at the Medical Faculty. After receiving his PhD, Dr. Bilstein acted in an executive position of the product development in a German-American biotech company that focuses on in vitro diagnostics.

Since 2007 Dr. Bilstein has worked for bitop AG and has been significantly involved in the development of the medical device portfolio. After he was granted power of attorney in 2012, Dr. Bilstein was appointed a member of the executive board in 2014. On the executive board he is responsible for research and development.

Eva Galik

Chief Commercial Officer

Eva Galik has been CCO of bitop AG since October 2018 and, among other areas, is responsible for business development, sales and marketing.

Dr. Thomas Schwarz

Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Thomas Schwarz joined the Management Board of bitop AG as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) in July 2019. As CTO he heads the entire Production Division and Quality Control. Dr. Schwarz was one of bitop’s founders, and from 1993 to 2009 he was part of the Management Team. Most recently, he was a member of the Management Board of b.value AG, where he played a key role in the founding of several start-ups in the field of biotechnology. Since 2008 he’s also Chairman of CLIB2012 e.V.

Christian A. Maehler

Chief Financial Officer

After completing his business studies, Christian A. Maehler worked as CFO and Commercial Director in the chemical and industrial goods industries, as well as in the skincare division of an American corporation.

As CFO of bitop AG, Christian A. Maehler is responsible for Finance, HR, Procurement, IT and Administration, since November 2018.

He joined the Management Board of bitop AG in July 2019.

Management – Supervisory Board

Dr. Dieter Hahn


Dr. Michael Steiner

Prof. Dr. Dieter Oesterhelt


In the past years, we have evolved into a well-known and reliable B2B partner for scientifically proven and effective medical devices. Customer and brand names speak for themselves and are clear proof of the sustainability of our business model. Today, our products are successfully marketed by global players and local heroes in various countries worldwide.


Countries Ectoin® products available on the market




Countries covered by licenses

Partners are:

Our steadily growing finished product portfolio comprises more than 18 unique OTC products and a comprehensive range of white label skin care products ready for licensing. We are constantly seeking new, strong licensing partners.

Are you interested in becoming our partner and enriching your portfolio with effective Extremolyte containing products?

If the answer is yes, you will collaborate with a motivated, highly qualified and professional team which will help you to establish a strong business with proprietary and unique health, wellbeing and cosmetic products. Please get in touch with us for further details.

For the sale of cosmetic ingredients, we work with distributors with motivated regional teams or we serve the customers directly, depending on the country.

Having good access to decision makers in the cosmetics and personal care industry is a crucial factor in our business, especially for highly technical ingredients like ours. Depending on the country, our cosmetic actives ingredients Ectoin® and Glycoin® natural are available through our distribution partners DKSH, C.H. Erbslöh, Kreglinger Specialities, Ricardo Molina, URAI, Toonechem and others.

Please contact us for the distributor in your region.


Flexibility is one of our strengths.

Case I

Bausch + Lomb – one product for several countries

Bausch + Lomb decided to fill a gap in its product portfolio with one of bitop’s unique medical devices: Ectoin® Allergy Eye Drops. The product is sold in various EU countries under different brands. These are Vividrin® ectoin®, Vidisan® Alergia com Ectoin®, Artelac® Reactive, or Artelac Ectoin®. Depending on the country-specific market needs, Bausch + Lomb offers the eye drops in different primary packaging: single dose units or multi dose droppers.

Case II

VERFORA – several products for one country

VERFORA in-licensed and sells six different Ectoin®-containing products in Switzerland as an integral part of VERFORA’s OTC product portfolio. These are:

  • Sanadermil® EctoinAcute (Ectoin® Dermatitis Cream 7%), Sanadermil® EctoinCare (Ectoin® Dermatis Cream 3.5%) for the treatment of dermatitis,
  • Collypan® Trockene Augen (Ectoin® Sicca Eye Drops + HA 0.2%) for the treatment of dry eyes,
  • Triofan® Heuschnupfen Antiallergischer Nasenspray and Antiallergische Augentropfen (Ectoin® Allergy Nasal Spray 2% and Ectoin® Allergy Eye Drops 2%) for the treatment of allergic symptoms in eyes and nose, as well as
  • Triofan® naturel (Ectoin® Rhinitis Nasal Spray) for treatment of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis.

Case III

Consentis – one product for one country

Consentis, a Turkish company, in-licensed Ectoin® Dermatitis Cream 7% in 2014 and started to sell the cream in the same year in Turkey under the name “DermEcto Ectoin® %7 Krem”. Meanwhile, based on the great success of DermEcto Ectoin® %7 Krem and the growing awareness and demand for Ectoin®-containing products in Turkey, Consentis created its own cosmetic range with Ectoin® including e.g. a shower gel, a body lotion, a shampoo, and a soap.

Case IV

Heel – a new product developed according to customer demands

We as Ectoin® experts are also strong in co-developing new health products based on Ectoin® according to the demands of our customers. Together with Biologische Heilmittel Heel, we developed a dermatological cream called Dermaveel® which combines the positive effects of Ectoin® and Hazel bark extract for the treatment of atopic skin. Dermaveel® gained significant market share directly after launch.

Case V

Windstar Medical Group / Dr. Kleine Pharma – products for retail chains, discounters, and drug stores

Besides serving partners for the pharmacy channel, we offer our products for sale under private label in retail chains, discounters, and drug stores. Windstar Medical Group sells Ectoin® Allergy Products 1% to drug stores and discounters in Germany. Under Windstar Medical Group’s private label “SOS”, Ectoin® Allergy Eye Drops 1% and Ectoin® Nasal Spray 1% are available in different drug stores and retail markets throughout the year.


Open positions:

We are constantly looking for qualified and committed people.

Are you interested in one of the advertised positions and do you want to support our team? Please send us your detailed application!

Have you not found a suitable position? Besides applications for posted positions, we gladly accept unsolicited applications and look forward to receiving your documents.