Health is our most valuable asset. bitop offers you safe and IP-protected medical devices with clinically proven efficacy.

Most of the common ailments today – e.g. cough and cold, allergies, eczema, dry eyes – and even more severe conditions such as mucositis, COPD, or asthma are caused by disturbed epithelia or by an unstable skin barrier. These diseases are self-enforcing if the epithelia are not stabilized.

Our Ectoin®-containing medical devices target the stabilization of epithelia as well as the skin barrier. Based on this effect, the products reduce inflammation and alleviate well-known symptoms effectively and naturally. Due to their excellent safety profile they can be used for treatment of patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly.

Maintaining and enhancing wellbeing is our primary goal. Nobody wants to suffer from coughs and colds in winter or be bothered by allergies or eczema. Our Ectoin®-containing products are well suited to help prevent and alleviate the symptoms of such diseases. Taken preventively, the products stabilize the mucosa in such a way that germs or allergens have difficulty entering and harming the body. On the skin, the time between eczema attacks can be prolonged when the creams are used steadily. Since our products do not contain any ingredients that harm the body, they can be used continuously to improve your health and wellbeing.

Another outstanding feature of our healthcare products is their IP protection for the most important global markets as well as their scientifically proven efficacy.