Based on research and development on extremolytes, bitop has designed ready-to-use solutions for biomolecular stabilization based on extremolytes that are applicable in life science and diagnostics applications: our BioStab products.

These products were developed to prevent the loss of activity of diagnostic enzymes and antibodies during storage (even in diluted solutions) or freezing and to optimize PCR.

bitop's BioStab products are:

  • colorless
  • animal-free
  • protein-free
  • compatible with enzymatic or binding reactions
  • and serum-free.

Available Stabilizers are:

  • BioStab Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer
  • BioStab Alkaline Phosphatase Conjugate Stabilizer
  • BioStab Antibody Stabilizer
  • BioStab PCR Optimizer

Moreover, bitop offers the extremolytes Ectoin®, Hydroxyectoin, and Glucosylglycerol as chemically pure substances for the stabilization of proteins, nucleic acids, and whole cells. Please request our BioStab product catalog for application examples and further information.