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The efficacy of our cell protection molecule Ectoin® has already been proven in various medical products and cosmetic formulations. We intend to continue this success story with high-quality Ectoin®-based products for the Animal Health & & Care sector.

Naturally, we will remain true to our principles here too: we only offer products that are free of potentially irritating substances such as cortisone, emulsifiers, preservatives, perfume, or dyes.

All products are developed by us in Germany and, like our medical products, are produced to the same high-quality standards.

Within our "animal" product range we offer our customers the following product lines:




Our Animal Health & Care products benefit from the clinically confirmed compatibility and safety of established medical products as well as the Ectoin® principle of action, which is highly valued by our partners and customers:

  • Water binding
  • Cell regeneration & cell protection
  • Reduction of inflammation

The bitop Animal Health & Care product lines have been specially designed to meet the needs of our four-legged friends, i.e. dogs, cats, small animals as well as horses, ponies, and donkeys.

Horses, ponies, and donkeys place very high demands on their care and health. In order to meet the needs of our equines, we offer a product line with bitopEQUI® that meets these requirements.

We offer the following products as part of our bitopEQUI® portfolio:

bi-med Ectoin® easy breathe

Natural inhalation solution for supporting care and regeneration of the respiratory tract.

bitopEQUI® EYE Spray & Drops

Moisturizing, natural eye care for dry and irritated eyes.


High-quality skin protection for the care of typical horse skin problems such as eczema and mallow.

Our bi-med Ectoin® pet care line has been specially adapted to the requirements of our pets and is ideal for use on dogs, cats and small animals.

The bitopPETS® portfolio includes the following products:

bitopPETS® SKIN Care Cream

Soothing cream to protect and care for stressed and itchy skin in dogs, cats and small animals.

bitopPETS® EAR Lotion

Soothing ear lotion for gentle cleaning and care of the ears and the auditory canal of dogs and cats.

bitopPETS® EYE Spray & Drops

Natural eye care for dry and irritated eyes of dogs, cats, and small animals.

More detailed information on formulations, product properties, application areas, and packaging options is available on request:

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