A strong, established business with proprietary health and wellbeing products, effective cosmetic active ingredients and unique veterinary products.

Your B2B Partner for Innovation
in Health, Wellbeing, Cosmetics and Life Science

Over 20 years of experience in the production and use of Ectoin® and other extremolytes makes bitop a valuable and trustworthy partner for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and life science industries.

Human Health and Wellbeing

OTC Self-Medication

Good health results in beauty and wellness. Therefore, achieving and maintaining good health is crucial for consumers and they are looking for products that are natural, easy to use, safe, and readily available without visiting a doctor.
We offer several OTC self-medication products (medical devices) for everyday health issues such as e.g. allergies, cough and cold, inflammatory skin diseases, or dry epithelia.

White Label Cosmetics

All of bitop’s cosmetics are formulated with carefully selected high quality ingredients and are suitable for very sensitive skin types.

Food Supplements

Nutrition is another important element for staying healthy and improving one’s health. Today, food supplements are a common tool to support health at any age.
We are currently developing innovative products based on extremolytes targeting the intestine, because the intestine is the key to health and wellness.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

bitop's natural stress protection molecules Ectoin®, Glycoin® natural and 28Extremoin® are high-quality active ingredients made in Germany.

Animal Health and Care

Ectoin® pet and Ectoin® equi product lines are designed to enable animal owners to benefit from the proven efficacy of extremolytes.

Life Sciences

Based on research and development on extremolytes, bitop has designed ready-to-use solutions for biomolecular

Case Studies

Vividrin® ectoin® by Bausch + Lomb

Derm Ecto Krem by Consentis

Dermaveel® Cream by Heel


Latest News

bitop appoints new CEO

bitop is pleased to welcome its new CEO Claus Kjærsgaard (52). He took over the management of the biotechnology company as of June 6th, 2018. Claus replaces CEO Daniel J. Berger who will continue to serve as Member of the Executive Board. Dr. Andreas Bilstein continues to serve as CSO and Member of the Executive Board. With Claus, bitop is looking forward to continue, strengthen and expand its partnerships and businesses.

Patients prefer Ectoin® Mouth Wash over standard treatment (Caphosol®)

80 % of patients using Ectoin® Mouth Wash were entirely symptom-free after 3 weeks of treatment, compared to only 43 % in the Caphosol® group. Moreover, Patients preferred Ectoin® Mouth Wash over calcium phosphate mouthwash. The study shows that Ectoin® Mouth Wash is tolerable and effective for the treatment of mucositis.

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