Biohorma launches Ectoin® Ear Spray in the Netherlands

bitop is proud to announce that its new Ectoin®-containing Ear Spray has recently been launched by the successful Dutch partner Biohorma. Biohorma placed its product “Oorspray Oorsmeer” under the well-known “A. Vogel” brand.

The product is designed to treat symptoms of non-infectious inflammations in the outer ear, for prevention of otitis externa and earwax plugs, and for eased clearing of the outer ear canal.

Dr. Uwe Sonnemann, ENT specialist from Hamburg (Germany) explains why he sees a huge market potential for the product:

“Ear itching severely impairs daily life of numerous people worldwide. Reasons for ear itching are diverse and treatment is often challenging since products that contain pharmaceutical drugs do have well-known side effects while natural ear sprays are often not effective enough. bitop has developed an ear spray that fills this gap in the market. Their product “Ectoin® Ear Spray” proved its efficacy in reducing ear itch and other symptoms of inflammatory irritations of the outer ear canal on a safe, natural and very effective way. I feel very confident that the product will successfully establish itself on the OTC market within a short time.”

If you would like to be part of the success story of this innovative product, contact our business development team for more information:

Brand-new Ectoin® Lozenges formulation expands bitop’s successful cough and cold product line

The unique formulation “Ectoin® Lozenges HC + Salt” contributes to the existing Lozenges range for the treatment and prevention of common cold symptoms, dry mouth and throat, and hoarseness due to voice overuse.

The innovative formulation differentiates itself from the existing Ectoin® Lozenges by the additional ingredient sea salt. Sea salt helps to dissolve thick and compact mucous. Furthermore it increases the saliva production which results in a hydrated epithelia and symptom reduction while suffering from a cold. Strong claims can be used to position the product successfully on the market:

  • Reduces inflammations of the mucous membranes in mouth and throat
  • Relieves hoarseness, sore throat, or pain on swallowing
  • Stabilizes the mucous membranes
  • Reduces the danger of bacterial or viral infection in the mouth and throat
  • Reduces and prevents irritations of the mucous membranes such as voice fatigue, tickly throat, or dryness caused by voice overuse, allergens or dry air resulting from e.g. heating, cold, air conditioning, or smoke
  • Dissolves thick and compact mucus
  • Forms a protective shield called “Ectoin® Hydro Complex” on mucous membranes in mouth and throat without leaving a slimy feeling
  • Hydrates dry and irritated epithelia and supports their regeneration
  • Increases the saliva production
  • Effects based on 100% natural ingredients

“Ectoin® Lozenges HC + Salt” lozenges are preservative- and sugar-free – like all bitop formulations. They combine the positive effects of natural sea salt and Ectoin®, a cell-protective molecule with inflammation-reducing and membrane-stabilizing properties. The new Lozenges have a pleasant honey-lemon flavor with a light salty note.

Contact our business development team to discuss your license opportunities for our cough & cold range:

Our cosmetic active ingredient Glycoin® natural won the 'Ringier Technology Innovation Award'!

Glycoin® natural was honored in the ‘effective ingredients: anti-aging’ category at the Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2017 sponsored by happi China magazine. Winners were announced at the awards ceremony on June 22, 2017 in Shanghai, China.

We are proud to show you our award certificate.

EUBOS® extends HAUT RUHE product line with bitop’s Ectoin® based dermatitis formulations.

Witten, 23.05.2017 – Bitop is very proud to announce our new partnership with Dr. Hobein GmbH, one of the German market leader in medical skin care.
Dr. Hobein launched two of bitop's Ectoin® Dermatitis formulations within the “EUBOS® HAUT RUHE” line, a well-known brand specially dedicated for the treatment of children with dry skin and eczema.
With “EUBOS® HAUT RUHE EctoAkut® – 3,5 % Ectoin” and “EUBOS® HAUT RUHE EctoAkut® forte – 7 % Ectoin” Dr. Hobein expands the HAUT RUHE line wth OTC medical devices, perfectly suited for treatment of flare-free intervals as well as for treatment of acute stages of dermatitis.
Both products are now available in pharmacies throughout Germany and Austria.

Construction of a brand-new company site

Since its foundation in 1993, bitop’s office and production area is located in Witten, Germany. Now, together with its partner Johann Freundlieb GmbH & Co. KG, bitop constructs a brand-new office building and production facility located at the “PHOENIX West” area - an innovative technology and service location in Dortmund. With a 2000 m² production hall and 1550 m² office and laboratory space, bitop will be able to significantly expand its production capacity for Ectoin® and other extremolytes. The symbolic “turn of the sod” already took place in December 2016 and the construction works are currently going on full speed. bitop plans to move in its new facilities in spring 2018.

Laboratoires URGO launches Ectoin®-containing lozenges

As bitop’s first partner for Ectoin®-containing lozenges, we are proud to announce that Laboratoires URGO launched Ectoin®-containing lozenges in France, Belgium and Poland in the fourth quarter of 2016. The Arabic gum based lozenges are positioned under the HUMER brand of Laboratoires URGO (HUMER MAL DE GORGE AIGU PHARYNGITE) in France and Belgium and are perfectly suited to reduce inflammations and to prevent irritations of the mucous membranes in mouth and throat. Due to the membrane-stabilizing effects of Ectoin®, the lozenges also reduce the danger of a bacterial or viral infection in mouth and throat.
In Poland, the Ectoin® Lozenges are available under the brand name “Ostry Ból Gardła - Laboratoria Polfa Łódź”.

Extension of partnership with company SOLINEA in Poland

In 2016, company SOLINEA introduced two Ectoin® containing medical devices successfully into the Polish market. bitop’s allergy eye drops and inhalation solution are sold under the brand names “ALECTOIN” and “ECTODOSE”. We are proud to announce that SOLINEA has now decided to extend their portfolio with further Ectoin® containing products that will be launched during the next few months.

Turkish company ILKO launches three Ectoin® containing medical devices under the trademark “Wellcare”

Just recently, ILKO launched bitop’s allergy nasal spray, allergy eye drops and mouth and throat spray under the brand names “Ocnarin Nasal Spray”, “Ocnarin Eye Drops” and “Reliflu Mouth and Throat Spray” in Turkey. By adding these products, ILKO extensively broadened it OTC portfolio in the categories Allergy and Cough and Cold.

Mundipharma launches Ectoin® products at the Duphat 2017.

Dubai, 7th – 9th March 2017
At the DUPHAT, the Dubai International Pharmaceuticals and Technologies Conference and Exhibition (DUPHAT), one of the most important annual pharmaceutical events in the Region, Mundipharma has launched the first 4 Ectoin® based products out of the Betadine product range. The products will now be enter the market in the first 12 countries. Subsequently additional countries and products will follow.

Our cosmetic active ingredient Glycoin® natural won the “PCHi Fountain Award 2017”!

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